Great way to lose weight? Just don’t eat… Fast Your Way Healthy!!!

FASTING!!! but-did-you-dieYep… Just not eating… We’re told that eating every 2 hours is the best for our metabolism and that if we don’t eat all the time we may damage our metabolism… Not essentially true… You don’t burn more calories or fat as a result of eating all the time. Your brain functions and adapts to enable you to survive. If you are used to eating every 2 hours you have simply trained your brain to produce Ghrelin – A hormone responsible for making you feel hungry. Yep… That’s it, a hormone produced to make you feel hungry because you’ve trained it to be that way because that is what your brain has adapted you to do because that’s what it thinks is best for your survival. Do you really think that if you miss that next meal you’re going to die, or lose “your gains”? We can survive for 40 days without food, but that’s not what I’m telling you to do. You could start with just an 8 hour fast (sleep), then 10, 12, 14, 16. 24, 48 maybe even 72 hours? We are slaves to our food. The moment we feel hungry we need to snack or have a meal. Have you ever been so caught up doing something that you simply forgot to eat? Did you die? No… You were fine and will continue to be. I personally find you gain a sense of power from refraining to eat. You strengthen your will power muscles. You also start to feel pretty damn good, you can almost feel your brain going into hyper-drive mode not too dissimilar from a good caffeine kick. You also gain a sense of gratitude that we live in a society that is abundant in food, maybe even too much with the amount that we waste, but that’s a story for another time.

Your body goes into a state called “Autophagy” when fasting. This is a process where other functions such as repair and regeneration start to take place at an accelerated rate as a result of not having to constantly digest and process food. Ever been really sick and lost your appetite? That’s your brains way of saying don’t distract me right now, I’ve got shit to do, no time or energy for unnecessary food digesting, we need all our energy to getting this system running properly again!!! Imagine what can happen if you are not sick and fast? What else is a huge benefit to fasting? Weight loss… Yep, who would’ve thought right? I could go on about a hormone called Leptin that essentially increases fat metabolism (burning a higher rate of fat as a fuel source). But at the end of the day it simply works as a a basic calorie restriction – you burning more energy than you’re putting into your body. Another great benefit is detoxification, no need for any expensive teas and juices, just don’t eat. Your body will be working overtime to bring you back into balance, getting rid of crap it doesn’t need and that does not serve it. I don’t believe that there is any other more simple and cost effective way to improve your health –  you can drastically improve many different markers of health by simply not being a slave to your hunger hormones and eating all the time… But don’t let me be the judge, do some research and try it out yourself!!!