Can’t justify having a personal trainer?

Gym Membership - Target Life Fitness

Discover How Our Gym Membership Packages Are Different…

Capped Membership – to ensure the gym floor is never too crazy busy and there’s not a big line-up for equipment not that there ever would be as it is an unofficial rule to let other members work in if needed.

And if that’s not enough on it’s own, here’s some more reasons why Target Life Fitness is unlike any gym:

  • Free Goals Setting and Body Analysis Consultation – If you want results, goal setting is a must. You need to know exactly where you’re at to map out exactly how to get to your destination, we help you set Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic goals and keep you accountable to hitting them in a Timely fashion.
  • Group Fitness Classes – Access to a unique set of group fitness classes where numbers are limited and booking in is a must – further accountability and more personal attention.
  • Individualized workout plan – Every member gets their own workout plan and is followed up on their progress regularly with a body composition assessment and goals analysis to help keep them on track.
  • No lock-in contracts – We understand that we’re not for everyone and that’s okay. We want to see our members happy and if we can’t put a smile on your dial then you’re welcome to leave us anytime 🙂
  • No sign-up fees – Plain and simple, it is what it is!!!
  • Accountability to turn up – You’re going to hear from us if we haven’t seen you. Though, if you prefer to remain a “sleeper” as the bigger gyms phrase it, waste your gym membership fees by hardly stepping foot in the gym – Target Life Fitness probably isn’t for you.
  • Individual Attention – We bridge the gap between your everyday gym membership and personal training – with smaller class numbers ensuring every one of our athletes get the attention they deserve.
  • VIP Facebook Group – We keep regular contact with our members via our VIP Facebook group by offering tips, motivation and reminders to get your butt in the gym!!! We want every member to reach their peak level of health and fitness and regular attendance is a must!!!
  • Seminars – You get regular educational seminars on nutrition, exercise, mindset and motivation. We want our athletes to be fully armed with the tools they need for long term success.
  • Welcoming, Non Judgemental Environment – Our friendly trainers are always willing to offer a hand, give you a spot, or help correct some ordinary form!!! We try to be as approachable as possible – we want you to get the most out of your gym membership!!!

If you’re thinking of joining a gym – come check us out before you sign up elsewhere.

You won’t be disappointed.