MMAXFIT – MMA For Fitness

MMAXFITMMAXFIT is a fun and dynamic training system that will teach you how Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) can develop fitness in a non-combative environment which will guarantee you to achieve enhanced functional strength, speed and muscular endurance. A single MMAXFIT session can burn between 800 – 1000 Calories!!!!

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Not Sure – Here’s 5 Reasons to Try MMAXFIT

MMAXFIT at Target Life Fitness - To inspire, educate and coach people to lead happier, healthier lives. Chris Rae is your local St. George & Sutherland Shire weight loss expert, group instructor and personal trainer. Also specialising in Yoga, Boxing, Boxercise, Group Classes, Crossfit, Cross Training, Weight Loss, Shredding, Muscle Building, Nutrition and overall Fitness & Well-Being.

1. Fitness

The obvious reason to try MMAXFIT is of course to increase your fitness level. MMA fighters are some of the most elite, well rounded and often olympic calibre athletes. MMAXFIT replicates exercises and techniques used by mixed martial artists therefore it is not only a complete workout but can deliver a full body transformation. From strenthening your core, toning your legs and butt to shaping your shoulders MMAXFIT is a results driven workout where your body will enjoy the benefits.

2. Confidence

MMA based training can increase your confidence which will flow into all aspects of your life such as work, family and your love life. Many participants report an increase in their confidence levels, a sense of empowerment and an endorphin rush after partaking in a MMAXFIT class. Whether you’re vying for that promotion at work, wanting to be noticed by a love interest, be a better partner or close a great business deal training in MMAXFIT can help you hold your head higher , think clearer and walk taller.

3. Experience MMA without the Bumps and Bruises

MMA is arguably the fastest growing sport in the world and is exhilarating to watch. However if you’re not game enough to step in the cage but still want to ground and pound then MMAXFIT offers you a safe environment where you can release all your stress on a specially designed piece of equipment and it wont punch you back.

4. Self Defence

The exercises and techniques taught in a MMAXFIT class are a replication of combat in MMA. Whilst classes are non combative and non contact MMAXFIT can still raise your level of preparedness when faced with a real life adverse situation.

5. Burn Calories

MMAXFIT can burn up to and even over 1000 calories in a single one hour session. 1000 calories would be equivalent to just over 6 cans of cola or 5 regular size servings of french fries or 15 slices of whitebread or 2 and a half bars of dark chocolate. So if you went a bit overboard on the weekend MMAXFIT is a fast way to burn it all off.