If you’re after results – then you’re in the right place. Here are just some of the people we have helped achieve their goals.

Tamara Homer – 29 from Peakhurst, NSW – Lost over 15kgs

“I’ve been training with Chris and Target Life Fitness for just under a year now. He has helped me understand the importance of nutrition, exercise and a positive attitude to become a healthier person inside and out. Over the past year Chris has helped me lose over 10 kg of fat and improved my overall body composition and shape, not to mention better tone and definition through personal training sessions, group classes and nutrition plans. He is always a positive and motivated trainer, who is able to help you to create attainable goals that you will reach. I’ve really enjoyed my time training at Target Life Fitness and look forward to smashing more goals.”


Brianna Newans – 20 – Lost over 15kgs!!!

“In the time that I have trained at Target Life Fitness with Chris I have achieved tremendous results. He has helped me loose over 15 kg, 8% body fat and inches from my body. Not only has training with Chris improved my physical appearance and fitness, it has boosted my confidence and self esteem. The classes are awesome and you get a fantastic workout! I always have fun while attending them (especially MMA)!!. Chris is truly one of the best trainers out there! He encourages you to push yourself, be healthy, and helps you set and reach your goals. I strongly recommend Chris and Target life for any Individual that wants a fun, social workout that will get them the results they want and lead them to a happier and healthier lifestyle.”


Andrew Norris – 29 from Penshurst, NSW – Lost over 20kgs!!!

“Chris & target life fitness has helped me to lose over 20kgs. He has not only taught me about how to achieve my weight loss and goals but given me great motivation. The time and effort he puts in to help me to lose weight and achieve my goals is amazing.”




Mark Mooney – 28 from Penshurst, NSW – Lost 15kg in 6 Weeks!

I have recently completed the 6 week body transformation challenge run by Chris Rae of Target Life Fitness. I was stuck in an unhealthy rut after having a knee reconstruction back in July. I needed something to motivate me and change my poor habits. Signing up for the challenge was great but being supported the whole way through was even better. Chris was very supportive and believed in me from the start. I think that is what made me so successful during this challenge. His advice has helped me to continue with living a healthy lifestyle.


Alex Smith, 27, from Kingsgrove NSW – Gained over 10kgs of lean muscle!!!

” September 2012; I arrive home after a long crapy day at work grumpy as hell and stinking of a combination of coffee and cigarettes. I walk to the fridge to get out a beer and find that I’m out. At this moment Kristy barges through the door in a mad hurry. So i ask her where she is going and after the usual spiel ‘you never listen to me bla bla’ etc then she tells me she is going to MMAX fit run by her friend Chris Rae. She then asks me if I want to go with her. This decisive moment would be the catalyst for a series of major events in the humble life of Alex Smith. I sucked it up and left for the gym. The very next day I quit my ten year smoking habit. Three months later i had a new and improved job. And fast forward 10 months I have gained 15 kilos of lean muscle. I have a new group of friends. And I have even played 20 minutes of 4th grade footy for Oatley! All this thanks to a little determination and Target Life Fitness. Whether its help with your training, your nutrition or just a friendly chat to lift your mood, Chris Rae of Target Life Fitness is always on hand to help his clients. Going to that first session is all it took to change my life for the better. Because when you are healthy you don’t just look fantastic . You FEEL fantastic too. But you will never know unless you go to that first session. So what’s your excuse? Feel better with Target Life Fitness. I do. :)”

George Sfakianakis, 28, from Brighton, NSW – Lost 10kgs & 9% bodyfat, reduced his blood pressure & overcame Graves disease.


” When I started the Target Life Fitness 8 week challenge, I was in it just for the money – I just wanted to win!!! Then after just a few weeks in, something happened. My body was changing, I liked the way I was feeling and my energy levels were soaring… Before I knew it I was addicted to eating well and exercising – A very drastic change from the toxic lifestyle I was living just a few weeks earlier. I was feeling like I had when I was 16!!! Getting out of bed in the morning was easy, my soccer performance improved and my confidence levels skyrocketed. I now want to take on new physical challenges and aspire to compete in a mens physique competition in 2015. I couldn’t be happier with my new lifestyle and I owe much of it to Target Life Fitness and their easy to follow meal plans, strategies and exercise programs!!!””

Daniel Beeson, 21 from Padstow, NSW –  Lost 6kgs & 7% bodyfat.

“Ever since I’ve been training with Chris and the team at Target Life Fitness, Ive been reaching my goals quicker then ever!

I could never reach the body fat percentage I’m at now without the help and training at TLF, not only did I learn about training but I grew a strong knowledge about nutrition and dieting, which were crucial to my success.

When I first walked in the doors I thought it would have been like every other gym but it’s not, all the trainers and people are friendly and always offering help and advice. I’ve never looked or felt better in my life and it’s all thanks to Target Life Fitness!”.




Ali Fardos, 23 from Beverly Hills, NSW –  Lost 15kgs, increased lean muscle mass & reduced 12% bodyfat.

Ali Transformation

“I was almost breaking triple digits before I started training at Target Life Fitness almost a year and a half ago. I tried going to another gym a few years back and I quickly lost the motivation to go. I was later introduced to TLF and with a bit of a push and encouragement, I jumped into the deep end training 4 times a week. Flash forward to the present and I am over 15kgs lighter, 4 pants sizes down, and now training 5 times a week!  The atmosphere is great: Chris and the TLF team are very supportive and will help zone in on exactly what you need to do to achieve you goals and how to keep yourself motivated to constantly and consistently improve. With the risk of sounding cliché, you don’t feel like just another person training at a gym but really feel part of the community that is TLF. They have helped me reach a level of fitness and health I have never been in my life and I can’t wait to see what I will achieve in the future!”.

Guissel Quiroz, 29, Oatley, lost 8kgs, gained lean muscle, has never felt better!!!

GUISSELL BEFORE & AFTER If it wasn’t for the team at Target Life Fitness and their guidance and motivation I would still be where I was, feeling lethargic, not fitting into my clothes, self conscious about my appearance at the beach and simply feeling crap.

I never thought I would have a 6-pack but the the team at target life fitness, kept me accountable with their “board of dreams” where everyone writes their goals up for the gym to see. This kept me accountable and motivated to work hard every time I was in the gym and with Chris’s nutrition advice, the dream become more and more real until I was there!!!

I couldn’t be happier with my results, I wouldn’t train anywhere else, it’s such a welcoming community environment and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!!!