Up Your Pre & Post Workout Game With The Best Eats from the Streets of Peakhurst

Having a good pre-workout meal is crucial to getting the most out of your workout! If you are strength training, interval training, doing a met-con or simply aiming to work at your capacity then putting some good quality fuel in the tank is going to be ideal! PLUS if you love your carbs and you are trying to keep the bodyfat levels down then having 25% of your carb intake for the day both pre & post workout is going to ensure you are putting the carbs to use for fuel and recovery!

Here are some of our favourite spots to get some caffeine and feeds!

Cheat Day Sydney

Ask anyone around these guys arguably have the best coffee in town! They do a mean brisket beef and egg roll/breakkie burger that the world needs to discover! If you are a crazy keto person or are simply keeping the carbs to a minimum then their scrambled eggs and bacon (hold the bread) is the bomb – don’t quote me on this but I believe its on Romesco sauce???

As the name suggests great place to go for your cheat day requirements with a nice list of desserts and cheat foods to keep you satisfied until next cheat day!

The decor is super cool and has a gym theme to get you pumped up for your next workout and you gotta love the dumbbell table numbers!

George the owner is always welcoming and friendly as are all his staff!

Instagram @cheatdaysydney

@ The Corner 

12 Park St, Peakhurst

So many good options to choose from on the menu, coffee is always good and the service is always super fast & friendly! My personal favourite is the Corner Benny, which I rate as the best eggs benedict around the St. George area, if you’ve got a better one please post it in the comments 🙂 The breakfast veggie bowl is super filling and packed with nutrients but you can’t pass up the smashed avo even if it means you can’t save for a house in the area!

Harris and Andrew at The Corner are always super friendly and the vibes are always good @ The Corner 👍👍


Instagram @atthecorner_

Charlie Lovetts

2 Stanley St, Peakhurst

Great range of omelettes if you’re watching your carb intake or you’ve gone keto crazy. Coffee is consistently good & the frappes are mean after a sweaty summer workout whilst still being lower on the sugar side! The outdoor setting with all the greenery really creates a nice atmosphere!

Here’s a pro gym head tip: grab an iced coffee on almond milk, hold the ice cream and cream, chuck it in your protein shake with your favourite vanilla or chocolate protein powder, shake and bake! But don’t really bake it, just drink it:)

Instagram @charlielovett_peakhurst

Petite Delights 

112 Boundary Rd, Mortdale

Lots of options on the menu if you’re looking for something healthy on the go. They have a range of omelette quiches which will satisfy your protein intake and keep the starchy carbs on the low. Some naughty options too if you’re on a bulk with some pretty mean burgers if it fits your macros 🙂

Always friendly & fast service with constant delicious specials on the board!



Oregano Bakery

108A Boundary Rd, Peakhurst

Couldn’t resist giving these guys a mention. Now I know you’re probably thinking, how can a gym recommend a place that predominantly does dessert foods and you would have a valid point… But it’s delicious so shut up ok? We all need balance in our lives and if it fits your macros and you’re still living 80/20 there’s no reason you can’t enjoy some of these goodies!

The zaatar manoush is the bomb, the coffee is great and the service is always super friendly! They also do some protein smoothies and who can forget the cinnamon scrolls, the mini ones are great if you need some indulgence without tipping the days calorie intake!

Instagram @oreganobakery

Cafe 31

31B Ogilvy St, Peakhurst

Now don’t let the picture fool you these guys have got a whole healthy menu available… But they also have an epic share plate which is great to enjoy with your buddies after a good ol saturday sweat sesh. Yeah the carbs will probably break the days budget but who cares, its delicious, stay present, savour the flavour and enjoy the moment! Coffee and service has always been great!

Instagram @cafe31_peakhurst


Got a great cafe suggestion around the Peakhurst area? Drop us a line in the comments so we can check them out!