VeeLog Episode 3 – The Right Moment Is Right Now

We’ve all been guilty of waiting for the right moment to start something, whether it’s a “diet”, a new fitness program, quit something that’s bad for us, or take action on a new idea we may have had. Unfortunately there is no right time, there will always be different obstacles and even if the perceived right time presents itself, it won’t be long until something pops up and conditions become unfavourable for us to continue. You have to take a leap of faith and just step outside that comfort zone. Every time you do, you become a little stronger! Just like muscles you work in the gym, when you flex your will power muscles they get stronger too. You will become less fearful of stepping outside your comfort zone every time you do it! So just go for it, don’t let anything stop you, it might be painful temporarily but there’s a lot of pleasure on the other side of that pain!!!