To Go Vegan or Not to Go Vegan? That is the question…

Veganism is the fastest growing food movement in the world and here in Australia we are the 3rd fastest growing market in the world for vegan based foods and products. It has been a question that has constantly been plaguing me for years, “Should I go Vegan?” With so much conflicting information about health and studies that say one thing then another that may be backed by big ag, big pharma, dairy corporations etc. you just don’t know what information to trust. Seeing films like What The Health and Cowspiracy (Pro Vegan Docos) then films like “The Magic Pill” (Pro Paleo / Keto) and seeing examples of people seemingly thriving from adopting almost completely opposite styles of eating you’re sort of left scratching your head in a world of indecision.

I always pose the question that if you were stranded on an island with unlimited fruits and veggies and all types of animals roaming around, what would you be comfortable killing to eat? Would you still kill your favourite tasting animal? Or would you make do with the vast amount of fruits and veggies available to you? For me I have no issue with killing a chicken or a fish. I may be judged harshly for that but I just don’t feel the consciousness of all animals is the same, maybe it’s just my conditioning but I feel like some animals do not possess any real emotion and others do. Maybe I haven’t spent enough quality time with a chicken or fish to really get to know one but I believe an insect is not equal to a cow, I believe that there is a pecking order and death is an inevitable part of life, in fact death must occur for soils to be fertile and for healthy plants to grow, but hey that’s just me and my opinion and everybody is obviously entitled to theirs.

I do believe though we are consuming way too much meat, especially meat from heavily processed, unsustainable and inhumane sources. I know, I know vegan person, any killing of animals is inhumane but let’s be honest most native cultures have been meat eaters and if they did not eat meat they simply would not be here today and that is still the case for many cultures around the world where fresh fruits and vegetables are simply not plentiful to feed the local population. Could there be new and innovative ways for some of these cultures to start farming practices so that they are no longer reliant on meat to survive? Possibly… Does the past have to dictate where we are heading as a race of people, No, definitely not. So what’s my point? Maybe I should just bite the bullet, go vegan and stop being a slave to my taste buds, but are vegans truly any healthier than their meat eating counterparts? No I don’t really think so and I think there are far too many factors and variables to control to truly get to the bottom of that question.

Veganism has grown in the US by a whopping 500% since 2014. That’s a staggering amount of new age hippies (jokes guys, take it easy)! There is definitely, without a doubt a movement, an evolution and culture of people pushing towards completely plant based diets. Many even argue that this is the only way forward as a human race as current farming and agricultural practices are simply not sustainable and we will eventually meet our maker if we keep heading down the path we’re on.  Can free range, pasture fed animals truly be sustainable if we simply reduce our consumption and adopt MORE of a plant based diet that may include maybe 20% total intake of animal products and can we save the planet in the process or will it be too late? Personally I think we can. But we all have to play our part and BE THE CHANGE. Eat only pasture fed, free range, organic sources of meat and animal products (get that bone broth inta ya :)) and simply eat alot more fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts. If we all did that I believe our health would thrive and the planet will do more than just survive also.

Whilst there are still many questions to answer and conflicting evidence supporting both the pros and cons of veganism vs. meat eating, one thing that I know for sure is that the earth will simply get rid of us when she has had enough of our existence and whether we labelled ourselves “Vegan”, “Vegetarian”, “Pescatarian”, “Meat-Eater” or “Breathatarian” (yes that’s a real thing look it up) and whatever sub-cultures we decided to be a part of to feel some sense of purpose and belonging won’t really matter when it’s all said and done. BUT, if we want to live longer on this green earth as a human race we definitely need to make some changes whether that’s taking the full plunge into being a completely plant based eater, practicing more fasting to consume less overall or simply making conscious and mindful choices about where our food is coming from and voting better with our dollars – something has got to give!

Overall I think our belief and our state of consciousness plays a much larger role in our health than we will ever give it credit for hence why one can thrive on keto and one can thrive on plants. I also believe that alot depends on cultural background and heritage as to whether one can truly thrive being completely plant based – you may struggle somewhat if you have eskimo ancestors who relied heavily on fish to get by… One way or another just try and see what works for you and what makes you feel your very best – listen to your body and see what it says 🙂