Is this the reason why you’re not getting the results you’re working so hard for?

What you focus on expands, iyou-get-what-you-focus-on_daily-quotef you’re focusing on the fact that you’re overweight or fat, then that is what life will keep on serving you. In a decades worth of experience in the weight loss game, I have never seen anyone focus on the problem of their weight and get anything else but more of the problem – even if they are essentially doing the right things. ie. eating in calorie deficit and exercising regularly. Then before long you start looking for problems or reasons why you are not moving in the direction you want to and then with enough focus on finding a problem eventually life may give you something, maybe an under-active thyroid, maybe insulin resistance or some other sort of hormonal issue. This is the Law of Attraction at work, it’s always at work, whether you like it or not!

People who lose weight and get into their ideal shape are focused on the solution. They believe in the attainment of their goal. They want it and will accept no other reality for themselves, hence their actions are reflective of their belief. They work, day in and day out. They look for ways to improve rather than reasons why they can’t. The problem for many, especially those that have never
really tasted success or know anything else but being overweight is that their belief in themselves reaching their goal is low to non-existant. Self esteem sucks. Self talk, terrible. Your thoughts become your actions, your actions become your habits, habits a character and your character a destiny!

Stop looking outside of you… Everything you need to be successful exists within the space between your ears.  You most likely don’t need a different gym membership, you don’t need a new supplement, you don’t need to follow a new diet… You need to back yourself and BELIEVE!!! Use affirmations and visualizations as a tool to program your mind to believe and then take consistent and persistent action based on those thoughts. Stop laying in BED, if you don’t know what BED is it’s Blame – Excuses – Denial…Take responsibility for your thoughts, acknowledge when your self talk is negative and then aim to steer your thoughts in a more positive direction. Don’t place too much emphasis on all the factors you believe you can’t control, those thoughts will lead to blame and excuses and they don’t get results, they become the barriers and the reasons why you can’t. Focus on what you can control and then go take some action based on those thoughts. Realize that your state of consciousness creates your reality and your reality is yours to make whatever you so choose!!!